Who we are


Raízen Foundation

Built on the basis of a company with great plans, Raízen Foundation strives to be close to the community, offering professional qualification, education and civil responsibility. Created more than 10 years ago, it was formed as a non-profit legal entity governed by private law, managed by the company’s Social Responsibility department. Throughout these years, it has already served approximately 5,600 students and more than 800 thousand people in community actions.

Main Goals

- Providing services to children, teenagers, youth and adults within projects focusing in education, culture, arts and civil responsibility.
- Coordinating with the community the development, implementation and management of socio-educational actions promoted by Raízen Foundation.
- Developing professional qualification programs that prepare and integrate youth and adults into the job market.
- Encouraging actions that favor ethics, peace, civil responsibility, human rights, democracy and values.

Social Responsibility

- Professional qualification for the demands in the Ethanol, Sugar and Energy departments of Raízen and the community with job market placement positions (ages 18 through 30).
- Childhood Project (ages 4 months through 10 years), Socio-Educational Project (ages 11 through 16), Music and Civil Responsibility Project.
- Action in PcD (people with disabilities) and Apprentice Programs 
- Relationship with the communities through projects and campaigns.
- Internal campaigns (engagement of employees in social responsibility causes).
- Development and implementation of the Volunteer Work Program.
- Management of incentive laws: FUMCAD (Local Fund for the Rights of Children and Youth); Fund for Seniors; PRONON (Brazilian National Program for Oncology Care Support) and PRONAS (Brazilian National Program for the Healthcare of People with Disabilities).