Raízen Foundation has seven centers in the states of São Paulo (SP) and Goiás (GO). The centers in Dois Córregos (SP), Igaraçu do Tietê (SP), Piracicaba (SP), Jataí (GO), Valparaíso (SP) and Ipaussu (SP) are focused on education and professional qualification. They offer the socio-educational project (ages 11 through 16) and professional qualification programs (ages 18 through 30). Each year, the Foundation’s classrooms receive 500 socio-educational students and approximately 600 students for professional qualification courses. On the other hand, the Jaú Center serves children aged between 4 months and 10 years. It has 120 preschool students and 80 enrichment program students. It also offers five daily meals and has the recognition of the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) for the quality of its programs. The different activity in the Jaú center results from the demand from the local community, which presented an evident shortage of childcare centers and preschool programs. This strategy of action clearly indicates the sync between the Foundation’s projects and the specific demands of the communities who live in Raízen’s areas of action.

History of the Centers
The first center of the Foundation opened in Piracicaba, initially with programs designed to the children of the employees of then-Cosan, as a way of offering enrichment programs. The actions were extended as the needs of the communities where the company was active were identified. Living in the countryside in areas of difficult access, the children of workers did not have resources or possibilities of transportation to attend supplementary educational courses in areas such as computers, crafts, physical education and psychological care. The Foundation undertook this task and, from Piracicaba, it extended its area of action to serve other communities.
In the six Raízen Foundation centers, the actions are performed through partnerships with entities such as SENAI (Brazilian National Service for Industrial Learning) and SENAC (Brazilian National Service of Commercial Learning) and with the support of BNDES (Brazilian National Bank for Economic and Social Development) as the social offset for investments in Raízen production units. Thanks to these partnerships and to the social offset, the Foundation intensified its activities and in 2012 alone it opened three new centers in Igaraçu do Tietê (SP), Jataí (GO) and Valparaíso (SP), and in 2014 one in Ipaussu (SP), significantly increasing the number of projects and of communities served.